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Are You An Oxygen-Dependant Traveler?

Well don't let that limit your plans!

Portable OxygenYour medical needs shouldn't prevent you from enjoying the vacation that you have been planning for months. At Level 1 Medical Products, we will work with you to find the best units available for your needs that will be suitable to rent for travel.


In 2009, a law was passed stating that all US airlines must first approve the use of your portable oxygen concentrator prior to boarding the flight. We are very familiar with the rules and regulations implemented by these airlines, and will help you get all of the proper documentation and approval for your air travel to be hassle free.

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Mobility Scooters Rentals

Get Where You Need To Go!

With a worry free mobility rental from Level 1 Medical Products

Millions of people in America have mobility issues that impact their lives in one form or another.  Don't be unsure that you will be to get to all of the places you need to on your next trip. Be confident that nothing can stop you!

Level 1 Medical Products offers mobility scooter rentals in addition to our portable oxygen concentrator rentals. With a wide selection of scooters available we can find the perfect one to make your traveling convenient & hassle free.